HCCYM is a fun, safe, and Bible-focused youth ministry in the heart of several communities. We exist to encourage students to seek after and FOLLOW CHRIST in their every day life, to be TRANSFORMED BY CHRIST in what He says in Scripture and what He continues to do with His Spirit in us, and to PARTICIPATE IN THE MISSION OF CHRIST in our world. We do all this as we are becoming disciples who make disciples. If you have been a church goer your whole life or you don’t know anything about God or faith, we invite you to join us.





Keep eyes on the HCCYM Facebook page as we will be planning activities throughout the summer to continue to connect with students. 

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Join us Sunday mornings at 8:45 for Sunday Morning LifeGroups (Middle School and High School), a Bible Study and discussion for young people to explore the Bible in depth.

Our RISE programming is Sunday evenings at 6:00-7:30 where we hang together, worship together, learn together, and discuss together. 

High School and Middle School students are all welcome to join us for the night. This is an opportunity for teens to hear Scripture in their language, and for them to unpack the Word of God and how it applies to life with their peers.