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Hazelwood Christian Church
Kids Town (Infants - Kindergarten) 


Birth - Crawlers

Our Children's Nursery is a loving and peaceful environment designed to care for and nurture your little blessings.


Walkers - 2 yrs.

The Toddler area is set up to allow your child to be more active and take part in a short lesson time, teaching them God's Word, as well as play time with others their age.

2 yrs. old

As the little ones grow, so do their opportunities to learn the Word. In our two's class, your child will be able to experience more of a classroom setting and be able to take part in Worship and Lesson time.

3 yrs. - Kindergarten

As they continue to grow, the kids will take part in Worship and Lesson time as well as a classroom lesson to reinforce that day's Bible story. Each month your child will learn a new memory verse that goes right along with the lesson for the month. The kids will have take-home papers so you can follow along and see what your child has learned at church that day.

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